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Big vs. Small Apartment Complexes

When deciding on the size of the apartment you will be living in, there should be several factors you should consider: amenities, cost, noise levels.

If you choose to live in a big apartment complex, the advantage is that you will have a wealth of amenities at your disposal, e.g., a swimming pool, a gym, a game room, a tennis court, a tanning bed, etc. However, many tenants—some might even say most tenants—never bother to take advantage of the amenities they pay for.

And pay for it you do! Transitioning into the second point, larger apartment complexes are often more expensive for tenants—unless you live in a 4-bedroom apartment, then it is often possible to save some money. But generally speaking, it is more expensive to live at a larger apartment complex with many amenities than a smaller complex with little to none. It is important to ask yourself what is most important when looking for an apartment. A pool? A gym? None of these, but maybe a more luxurious apartment? (Those exist.) It is possible to live for $1600 in a 2-bedroom apartment with no amenities that might cost $2000 in a large complex.

Finally, with regard to noise levels, when you have more people living in a compressed area—especially when those people happen to be mostly undergraduates—you should expect a significant increase in volume. (Particularly from Thursdays to Saturdays.) However, every large complex varies. Sometimes you will get lucky and have a quiet experience. With smaller apartments, you naturally will have less people around to make noise—but that won’t necessarily prevent one awful neighbor from making more noise to compensate for them all. So it’s really a luck of the draw.

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