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On-Campus vs Off-Campus Housing

A common misconception among incoming Freshmen at the University of Texas is that regarding living on-campus. Contrary to popular belief (by some), freshmen are not required to live in the dorms. (Not during freshman year, sophomore year, or any year for that matter.)

A sizable percentage of undergraduates choose to live on campus—often for the convenience of being within walking distance to class—but none of them are required to live on campus.

Another common misconception out there is that it is less expensive to live in a dorm than it is to live in an apartment. Generally speaking, this is simply not true.

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Bear in mind, the rates listed above are for 9-month living contracts. (Unlike a typical lease near campus which will be 12 months.) And the prices above include $1,500 dine-in dollars and $300 Bevo bucks.

If you take the smallest, most affordable unit available—a shared space with community bath at a dorm like Jester—you will be paying a minimum of $1030.22 per month in rent alone! And that’s for half of a 1-bedroom.

If you are considering off-campus living, you can certainly find a more affordable living situation than $1,000 per month. In fact, it is possible to live in a spacious 1-bedroom apartment by yourself for 12 months for less than $900 a month! The savings are much greater for the more luxurious dorms like Duren and San Jacinto. And you can save a lot more if you are willing to find at least one roommate.

Cost-wise, it is generally more expensive to live on-campus. (That proximity to class will cost you a pretty penny.)

Off-Campus housing can refer to a lot of things. Your cost and proximity to campus can be tailored to fit your needs. But in West Campus, where many of our clients wind up, there is a range of apartments that fit most any price range. And the commute to campus is minimal—walking distance.

For any questions you have about On-Campus vs. Off-Campus housing, contact us at (512) 900-7963 and we will be happy to help you out.