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Browse the thousands of properties on our website or go straight to our get started page and let us know your preferences.


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Our team will coordinate all the small details for your property tour, such as scheduling with on-site staff, picking up keys, and notifying any existing tenants to inform them of the tour.


Step 3 - Sign a Lease

Once you find the perfect place to live, our agent will help you review the lease contract to help you avoid any “Gotcha’s!”.

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Benefits of Leasing with Housing Scout

When you lease with Housing Scout, you get all of the specials offered by the property you lease at plus several exclusive benefits. Our services are completely free to our clients and often include finding a better deal regarding housing. This often saves our clients time and money!


Friendly Unbiased Expert by Your Side

Our licensed leasing agents, many of whom are current or recently graduated UT students, have personal experience living at and working with the properties we tour with our clients. You can rest assured that our friendly agents are extensively trained and highly knowledgable and will do their best to find you the perfect housing within your budget. Whether you already have an idea regarding which property you want to live at or you want full service assistance from tour-to-lease, we will cater the leasing experience to you.

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Unrivaled Access to Properties & Floorplans

We are completely unbiased and work with (but not for!) nearly every property in the UT Austin Campus Area (more than 10,000 units). This means you can lease confidently with us knowing you found the best housing option for you and any roommates. From houses with yards to high-rise apartments with skyline views, we have access to many properties and units you can only view with a Housing Scout agent.


Exclusive Specials and Discounts

Our clients have the opportunity to gain exclusive access to lease specials that only Housing Scout applicants and tenants can utilize. Our clout in the off-campus (West Campus, North Campus, Hyde Park) leasing market gives us an upper hand that allows us to pass-along special deals to our clients. In addition, our services are completely FREE and you will never pay more when leasing through us.


Guidance During the Leasing Paperwork Process

Our agents will help walk you through your lease paperwork and required fees so you aren’t surprised with any “gotcha’s”! We will also explain all the steps to your parents or any other relevant parties. While some properties try to confuse tenants, we will make the leasing process easy to understand for first time tenants and pro-renters alike.

With big benefits and no downside to working with a Housing Scout agent, get started with us today so you can find the perfect place to live!


Verified client testimonials from Google Reviews

Cynthia Veronica Oeiyono
Cynthia Veronica Oeiyono
Juliet is the name of the agent assigned to me. I have so many criterias for the apartment i want. A pool, laundry facility, specific sqft, specific area etc. Juliet works with me patiently, making sure i have everything i want or mostly at least. And also because i do not have SSN nor a credit score yet (i am an incoming international student to UT), she is working very hard for me so i can get approved for the lease (using my bank statements as proof, using a friend as a guarantor etc). The numerous videos/pics uploaded to google drive, back and forth emails trying to secure the lease, visiting the apartment management office to work out my securing the lease, guiding me in filling out the application, everything is proving that Juliet is really a good agent. She works painstakingly and patiently. And best of all their service is totally free for prospective tenant, since it is being paid by the apartment management. If you are an incoming international student to Austin, i strongly recommend you to use Housing Scout service.
Justin Phung
Justin Phung
I was fortunate to have Daniel Aceituno as my Housing Scout as I was looking for a place to stay in West Campus. They were organized, knowledgeable, and always displayed a postive demeanor which helped greatly during my frantic search for a place to stay. They were always ready to answer my questions and I can’t thank them enough for the hard work and effort they gave to searching for a place that met my criteria.
Ayham Chtay
Ayham Chtay
Housing scout was simple and perfect. I was so fortunate to have met Justin who was my leasing agent from Housing Scout. He was so easy to talk to, extremely polite and cooperative and made me feel confident in what I wanted. He would always present me with options 24/7 until we found an apartment I liked 100%. If it wasn’t for Justin, I would had compromised for something less, but because how determined he was in helping me, I found exactly what I wanted. I couldn’t have found my apartment if it wasn’t for Justin, he is just the best. I hope you get the chance to work with Justin if you do decide to do business with Housing Scout, he can help you with anything you need!
Omar Suki
Omar Suki
Justin was an incredible agent! He was prompt to respond and proactive in making sure I found the right place. Highly recommend!
Carrissa Clark
Carrissa Clark
My daughter needed a new apartment in West Campus. Justin went above and beyond to locate housing for us. He listened to our specific needs and scheduled virtual tours as a well as in person tours. I definitely recommend Housing Scout to assist in your apartment locating needs.
Jacob Moore
Jacob Moore
I found the perfect apartment thanks to Justin Rogers! He knew exactly what kind of space would work for me and I feel great knowing I will have a fantastic spot to come home to for the next few years at UT. Couldn’t recommend Housing Scout and Justin enough. Thanks y’all!
Stephanie Martinez
Stephanie Martinez
My experience with Justin Rogers was amazing. He was extremely kind, generous, and easy to contact. He was constantly checking up on us to make sure he was answering our questions. We truly enjoyed working with him because he was knowledgeable in all areas related to housing. Great experience overall!
Ariana Guerrero
Ariana Guerrero
Justin Rogers was very helpful and patient. He made sure to always check up on us and answered on time when we had any questions. He was also really clear which made things easier. My roommate and I appreciate his help throughout the process. Great experience overall!
Rose Mary Gonzalez
Rose Mary Gonzalez
Juliet our Leasing Agent/Realtor with Housing Scott is fantastic!! Juliet was so willingly helpful in finding exactly what we were looking for in an apartment and location!! Juliet answers all questions we may have had and have and kept us updated on certain deadlines needed in order to sign the lease again very helpful!! Thank you, we real definitely highly recommend Juliet with Housing Scott!!
Hussey Stars
Hussey Stars
Justin Rogers was so helpful during my apartment search. I could always text him questions and he’d always reply and help me out! He’s easy to talk to and is always professional!