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Contact-Less Touring Options

In light of the COVID-19 virus, we have made some important changes to help our clients tour properties more comfortably and sign a lease more confidently.

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Our goal is to make your off-campus housing search as enjoyable and stress-free as possible!


Step 1 - Browse Our Website

Browse the thousands of properties on our website or go straight to our setup a tour page and let us know your preferences.


Step 2 - Tour Properties

Our team will coordinate all the small details for your property tour, such as scheduling with on-site staff, picking up keys, and notifying any existing tenants to inform them of the tour.


Step 3 - Sign a Lease

Once you find the perfect place to live, our agent will help you review the lease contract to help you avoid any “Gotcha’s!”.

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Verified client testimonials from Google Reviews

"As a naive freshman that didn't know of all the wonderful off-campus housing opportunities, I had a simple and productive experience with Sean Jou of Housing Scout. He is very easy to get along with, incredibly insightful, and most importantly, efficient: helping me quickly locate viable housing for sophomore year. Thanks Sean!!"
Kyle Bu

"My roommate and I were lost trying to find an apartment for this year but we found Cassandra Perez through Housing Scout and she saved us! Nothing but helpful and attentive, we were able to find a new place in no time (and no hassle) at all! We will definitely be using her in the future!!"

Allie Mattson

"I thought searching for apartments in Austin would be such a hassle but thanks to Ryan Jaw, it couldn't have been easier. I was able to tell him everything I wanted in a place to stay and he always had great suggestions. Working with him really did make my experience with Housing Scout one to remember."

Omair Iyoob