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Jun 22
Tips For Taking Online Classes This Summer

  Summertime and the livin’ is easy, right? Not necessarily the case if you’re…

May 15
An Overview Of West Campus

  If you’re a University of Texas at Austin student opting to live off-campus in…

Apr 28
The Best Summer Break Destinations For Students

  Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed a fantastic year at The University of Texas at…

Mar 30
Myths About Working With A Housing Scout Agent

Whether you’re an incoming freshman seeking housing for the first time or a seasoned…

Mar 23
5 Reasons You Should Stay In Austin After Graduation

  If you’ve recently graduated (or if you’re close to graduating) from The…

Feb 04
Meet Our Agents!

Our Housing Scout leasing agents have traveled from throughout Texas, across the…

Feb 02
What You Need To Know As An Incoming Freshman Signing Your Lease

As an incoming Freshman at The University of Texas at Austin, you have a lot on your…

Jan 19
There’s An App For That: Great Apps For College Students

The smartphone has become a part of life for The University of Texas at Austin…

Jan 12
Back To School Tips For A Successful Semester

A new year and a new semester at The University of Texas at Austin awaits! If you’re…

Dec 29
Ideas For Celebrating New Year’s Eve

It’s hard to believe that it’s about time to turn the page on 2021 and start a new…

Dec 15
How You Can Narrow Down Your Housing Options

As an undergraduate student at The University of Texas at Austin, you’ve probably…

Dec 01
5 Ways To Lower Your Student Loan Debt

While you’re in the midst of enjoying your college experience at The University of…