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Oct 13
Make The Most Of Your Time At UT Austin

You probably know all of the cool places to go on campus, right? Well, there is more…

Oct 06
Short-Term Leases: Your Options for One Semester Living

One of the most frequently asked questions our agents get is, “Can I get a…

Sep 29
Your Lease, Credit Score, And Rental History as A Student

Where do you want to live when you come to The University of Texas at Austin? Now is…

Sep 22
UT Campus Resources to Keep You Safe, Healthy & Academically Supported

At The University of Texas at Austin, your well-being is the university’s top…

Sep 15
Discover the Coolest UT Orgs (That You May Have Never Heard Of)

College life is unbeatable for all the fantastic new experiences you can have. One way…

Sep 08
Must-Use Student Resources When Registering for Classes

Starting college for the first time and figuring out what classes to take can be…

Sep 01
Where To Make Friends at UT Austin

It’s hard being a freshman in college, especially in a new town where you don’t know…

Aug 25
The Finest Tailgating for Longhorn Football Games

There is nothing more exciting than the anticipation of a Longhorn football game. You…

Aug 18
The Best Near-Campus Hotels for Your Out-of-Town Parents to Stay

How often do your parents come to visit you at UT? If they need to stay overnight or…

Aug 11
Top Late-Night Coffee Shops in Austin

  Have you ever pulled an all-nighter? Whether you’re cramming for finals or…

Aug 04
Apartment Complexes with The Best Security in West Campus

For anyone moving to a new city for college, security is undoubtedly a top priority.…

Jul 23
The Most Extra High-Rise Apartments in West Campus (2021 Edition)

So, sure, being “extra” means over the top, excessive, and maybe a little dramatic.…