Feb 04
Meet Our Agents!

Our Housing Scout leasing agents have traveled from throughout Texas, across the…

Mar 09
Agent Spotlight — Zac Amundson

Interview by Sidda Bruno 你好,我的中文名字是安宰立。我是一位房产中介在 Housing Scout! Zac is a sophomore…

Feb 26
Agent Spotlight – Ryan Gomillion

Interview by: Sidda Bruno Ryan Gomillion is a 2018 graduate from The University of…

Feb 18
Agent Spotlight – Jay Song

Written By: Sidda Bruno Jay Song is a Junior Urban Studies Major and Business Minor at…

Feb 12
Agent Spotlight – Bryson Gray

Written By: Sidda Bruno Bryson Gray is a sophomore Aerospace Engineering major at The…

Feb 03
Agent Spotlight – Jada Hatcher

Written by: Sidda Bruno Jada Hatcher is a second-year, Anthropology and Health &…

Jan 28
Agent Spotlight – Ashley Johnson

Written by: Sidda Bruno Ashley Johnson is a Junior, Speech Pathology major at the…

Feb 05
Agent Spotlight — Joe Maldonado

Longhorns, Welcome to the newest installment of Agent Spotlight—the innovative segment…

Nov 07
Agent Spotlight — Miller Gill

Longhorns, This week marks the second installment of Housing Scout’s Agent…