Agent Spotlight — Miller Gill

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This week marks the second installment of Housing Scout’s Agent Spotlight articles—a series of blog posts intended to highlight excellence within the company, and also to allow readers to better know our agents!

This week I sat down with Miller Gill, who was Housing Scout’s top-earning agent for the month of September! He was kind enough to answer a few questions for us. Here is our Q&A:

Hey Miller, thanks for agreeing to meet with me. I guess let’s just jump right into it. First, tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? What are you studying? 

Hey, no problem. I’m from Dallas, Texas and am currently a sophomore studying Economics at the University of Texas. I’m also a member of Kappa Sigma, and I’ve been working with Housing Scout for a little over three months now.

When did you decide to get your license?

Funny story. I’m actually Richie’s cousin; I had no idea that he ran Housing Scout when I texted him. It was earlier this year before summer and I called him up asking him if he had any advice for me to get my license. Richie told me to meet him at the triangle, and that’s where I found out about Housing Scout. A month later I was licensed and on my way!

I guess the Real Estate runs in the family! Do you remember the first apartment that you leased?

Yeah, it was at Texan 26 with Ely Properties. That was actually where I did my first 8 deals. I signed eight different apartments in the same building. It wasn’t eight people in one place. They were guys in my fraternity. I basically stole the whole market for their age, which led to me signing 38 guys in the same building within a 2-week period.

Impressive! Have you thought about transitioning to sales?

I could definitely see myself getting really into the sales side of the real estate game. I’ve already been asked a couple of times by clients about purchasing condos in the area, so I think I would be great at it. As of right now, I still have not gotten my MLS license, so I know sales will be a whole different ball game. But I am always eager for a new challenge. I’m hoping that I’ll eventually find a lead looking to buy a home in the area.

Any hobbies or interests outside of Real Estate? 

Yeah, I love to play the piano in my free time. Also, I’ve really gotten into 4-player NHL on X-Box with my roommates. It gets pretty heated with yelling as soon as the game starts. I also love hunting/sporting clays. When I was in high school we started a shooting team and competed against other teams in Texas—eventually winning out against the competition. I go as much as I can. Hunting dove is my absolute favorite. The high action is really exciting. And there’s nothing like coming home after a successful hunt and having a jalapeño cheese dove popper!

Haha, awesome. So you play music? Any favorite artists right now? 

Well, I’ve never been very good at reading sheet music. I prefer to learn songs slowly and then add in my own effects to make them sound better, in my opinion. I play a lot of Coldplay, some modern stuff, and I’ve written a song or two. I mostly just enjoy messing around. As far as listening to music, I prefer country music. Right now I would say Randy Rogers Band is my favorite because I love the strong instrumentation and the unique vocals. They are immediately identifiable.

OK, last question. Any tips for aspiring real estate agents out there? Or for potential clients?

For aspiring agents, I would say to get out there and be social with everyone you meet. It goes a long way. You don’t realize how important networking is until these people text you looking for an apartment with four other people. Another tip would be to plan ahead of time. The Austin real estate market changes daily, so it is important to be alert at all times. As for clients, my tip would be to start early! Apartments go quickly—especially in West Campus—so make sure to schedule a tour as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for joining us, Miller! Good luck out there! No problem. And if anyone out there wants to get ahold of me for a tour feel free to give me a call at (214) 934-1311.

Happy hunting, Longhorns. Join us next time for Agent Spotlight.

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