Top Cures for Any Hangover

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Nothing cures the weekday blues better than a night of drinking your problems away! Of course, that incredible party may result in a nightmarish hangover the next day. There are thousands of supposed cures for the pain and nausea of a hangover, but we have the tried and true solutions to make your hangover disappear, no matter what! Follow this list and you’ll be able to save your Sunday morning.


If you’re feeling crappy after a night of drinking, chow down on a sleeve of saltine crackers before (or after!) hitting the hay for the night. The carbohydrates will soak up excess alcohol and will help treat nausea. This trick will work best if you eat the saltines right after your drinking binge, but it will also work the morning of your hangover.

This method is kitten-approved!


Water cures everything from headaches to nausea, so it makes the perfect hangover cure. In addition, alcohol dehydrates your body, so drinking water in between shots will help your body from going into immense pain. Or if you forget, down a giant glass of water before bed and when you wake up. Nurse your water bottle until you feel better!

Ginger Ale

Remember when you were little, and your mom would make you drink ginger ale when you were feeling queasy? This same trick works for your hungover butt! Not only will the soda ease your stomach pain, but the ginger will help with nausea. Plus, the drink will help if your blood sugar is low – instant hangover review!

Completely tasteless but at least it makes you less disgusting

Tomato Juice

Tomato juice, or at least a glass of V8, is a godsend for your hangover! Your body needs simple sugars after you’ve drunk too much, and tomato juice is the perfect solution for replenishing those sugars. Your pain will disappear quickly. Plus, the hydration will be great for you!


Nothing is more time-tested than coffee after a hangover. The caffeine will pep you up and help you get moving like no other drink can. However, make sure to be careful – the coffee could also dehydrate you. If you choose to guzzle a cup of coffee, make sure to drink a lot of water as well!

Get a pretty cup of coffee so you can at least pretend you have your life together

Time (Unfortunately)

The best and most effective way to cure a hangover is time. Although these solutions will help ease your pain, time is the only real cure. If you can, take the day off and lie in bed. After a day or so, you’ll feel fine, but you’ll be swearing that you’ll never drink again!


If you’re really desperate there is one more thing you can do. You may have noticed them in the aisles at the grocery store more recently, but there is a little herbal supplement capsule that may be your saving grace. It is called PartySmart and it is a product of Canada (boy, do they have the right idea). You can order them from Amazon or you may be able to find them at Central Market. They’re less than $2 per packet. You can either take the capsule before drinking or after — they don’t help you to get less drunk but they will help your liver stay afloat!

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