Roommate Matching in West Campus

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Are you looking for housing but haven’t found a roommate? That’s okay! No need to worry because these apartments do roommate matching. Say ba-bye to stress.

Roommate matching is when the apartment complex gathers some information about your typical habits and matches that with another resident looking for a roommate with similar habits. Matching is by gender, so you never have to worry about that either. At times, you may be asked for certain preferences in a roommate (study habits, social habits, and hobbies) — this depends upon the apartment complex and the way that they conduct their matching services.

If you’re in need of this service, definitely include the apartments listed below!

If you have any questions, let us know and we can help!

Regents West at 26th

Why we picked it? large individual closets | large kitchen | 2 bathroom sinks

Learn more about Regents West.

Texan & Vintage

Why we picked it? individual liability leasing | furnished apartments | ensuite bathrooms

Learn more about Texan & Vintage.

The Block Properties

Why we picked it? gated community | private bedrooms | affordable rates

Learn more about The Block.

Crest at Pearl

Why we picked it? enhanced privacy floorplans | private balconies | furnished apartments

Learn more about Crest at Pearl.

26 West

Why we picked it? individual liability leasing | gated community | spacious floorplans

Learn more about 26 West. 

To learn more & take a tour, contact us. 

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