The 7 Worst Things about Summer Ending

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It is that time of year again, friends. As the weather begins to cool down and students head back to campus, we have to face the facts: summer is over. The perfect season is always over in the blink of an eye, and we have so much to mourn as classes begin.

1. Late nights have consequences

During the summer, staying awake all night doesn’t really matter. Whether you are staying up until 3 am looking at cat videos or having Whataburger with your friends, you know you have the next day to sleep in. But with classes starting, homework overtakes those precious free hours, and if you stay up too late you will definitely be feeling it in your 8 am class.

“I’ll just tell the professor I was absent because I was ‘sick’!”

2. You can’t wear the same outfit over and over anymore

Let’s be honest: you didn’t change out of your shorts and t-shirt combination all summer. Why would you if it’s 100 degrees outside and you aren’t leaving the house? But with school starting, the weather is changing and you have friends to impress, and it’s time to start dressing like you’re a functioning adult.

3. Going back to dorm food

Back home, you probably had a kitchen, or at the very least a microwave for your beloved pizza rolls. Coming back to school means returning your diet of ramen and tasteless dorm food. In fact, you may find yourself attending campus events you don’t care about just for the free pizza. That’s how bad it gets.

4. Leaving your home-town friends

One of the best things about summer at home is getting to see all your long-distance friends again after a year apart at school. Although you’ve all grown at college, you still love each other like you’ve always had, and leaving them again breaks your heart.

“Promise me we’ll forget to keep in touch?”

5. The days are shorter

What? It doesn’t get dark at 8 pm anymore? While it will no longer be blisteringly hot, you’ll probably be confused why the sun disappears at the early hour of 5 or 6 pm. When the sun goes down earlier, you’ll lose the long hours kayaking on the lake or hiking around the greenbelt.

6. No more all-day Netflix binges

Between classes, organizations, and work, you no longer have all day free to lay in bed and re-watch an entire season of Breaking Bad. Until winter break, you’ll only have weekends free to watch TV for 12 hours straight. Thank goodness Netflix releases Orange Is the New Black during the summer, right?

“Just one more season!”

7. Saying goodbye to your parents

Moving back in with the ‘rents during the summer isn’t ideal, and you’ve probably fought a lot over the past few months. But saying goodbye is always bittersweet. Even if they are annoying, you love them more than you’re willing to admit. And you’ll miss the free food!

But don’t forget! The end of summer is a bummer, but the fall brings so many awesome things, too. Welcome back to campus, your university friends, football games, interesting classes, and so much more. So while you may be mourning the end of the best season of the year, do not forget to celebrate all the awesome things about to happen! We’ll miss you, summer!

Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock and John Cohen, Andrew McD, and Al Ibrahim on Flickr

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