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Mar 27
10 Fun Cocktails to Make at Home

  Longhorns,  It is possible that from time to time you enjoy drinking alcohol.…

Mar 25
7 Healthy Recipes for Home Cooking

Longhorns, You may have read the Connecting with Friends Amid COVID-19 blog post – in…

Mar 24
Connecting With Friends Amid COVID-19

Longhorns,   As you know, this is an uncertain and albeit eerie time amid the…

Mar 16
5 Tips for Registration at UT

Registration will be coming up soon! Use these tips to make your experience better! 1.…

Mar 13
7 Things to Avoid on Friday the 13th

Longhorns, Gasp you should! Friday the 13th is upon us. We at Housing Scout care…

Mar 12
Affordable Dinner near Campus

Longhorns, If you’ve grown tired of eating dorm food, or perhaps you’ve exhausted the…

Mar 11
Property Spotlight — HillTop

Longhorns,   Come one, come all! Alas, if you have not secured housing for the…

Mar 09
Agent Spotlight — Zac Amundson

Interview by Sidda Bruno 你好,我的中文名字是安宰立。我是一位房产中介在 Housing Scout!   Zac is a…

Mar 02
The 5 Best Breakfast Tacos around the University of Texas

This morning—much like every morning—I poured myself a cup of black coffee and sat…

Feb 28
The Best Places to Eat Lunch at The University of Texas (Part 2)

Longhorns, For those of you who have been faithful readers of the blog, you may…

Feb 26
Agent Spotlight – Ryan Gomillion

Interview by: Sidda Bruno Ryan Gomillion is a 2018 graduate from The University of…

Feb 24
The Best Places To Eat Lunch at the University of Texas (Part 1)

I present to you the first installment of my new 2-part article series: The Best…

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