The Latest Campus News and Community Chatter

Feb 21
Must-Visit Checklist for Turning 21!!!

Written by: Sidda Bruno Here we go, you adult, you:   Wonder Bar This is easily…

Feb 19
Pet-Friendly Housing in West Campus

Written By: Sidda Bruno   Let’s shift the attention of the limelight onto our…

Feb 18
Agent Spotlight – Jay Song

Written By: Sidda Bruno Jay Song is a Junior Urban Studies Major and Business Minor at…

Feb 16
My West Campus Housing Story

In the fall of 2019, I unexpectedly had to move from my very nice apartment in north…

Feb 13
My Silver Medal Apartment

June of my sophomore year, I was ready to live by myself. After living with some of my…

Feb 12
Agent Spotlight – Bryson Gray

Written By: Sidda Bruno Bryson Gray is a sophomore Aerospace Engineering major at the…

Feb 10
5 Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Written by: Sidda Bruno Longhorns, As I’m sure you already know, Valentine’s Day is…

Feb 08
The 8 Worst Roommate Stories Ever

Do you think you have the absolute worst roommate in history? Lots of my friends—as…

Feb 06
Guarantor 101

Since Housing Scout is a company that primarily helps students and young people in the…

Feb 03
Agent Spotlight – Jada Hatcher

Written by: Sidda Bruno Jada Hatcher is a second-year, Anthropology and Health &…

Feb 01
Dividing Up Your Rent Fairly

Imagine this scenario: you and your three best friends, freshmen at the University of…

Jan 28
Agent Spotlight – Ashley Johnson

Written by: Sidda Bruno   Ashley Johnson is a Junior, Speech Pathology major at…

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